Uitnodiging: Circular Minds Conference 2018

Circular Minds Conference

Transition Through People

Date: 13th March, 2018, 13.00 – 17.00
Location:Aula Conference Center, Delft University of Technology

SMO Promovendi believe a transition to a circular economy will be a transition through people. But for that transition to happen, people will need to connect. At the Circular Minds Conference, we bring together stakeholders from a wide variety of backgrounds (entrepreneurs, policy makers, investors, scientists and students, to name a few) to learn about the latest academic insights and best and worst practices from the field, work together in Idea Generator Sessions, and network with stakeholders from now and the future.

The Circular Minds Conference is a unique event organised for entrepreneurs, investors, policy makers, scientists and sustainability experts. The event is organised by the young researchers of SMO Promovendi. Together with partners such as RebelGroup, New Marble, KIDV, Dopper, Tebodin, C2C Institute, Circle Economy, KPMG, Erasmus University and TU Delft, we inspire participants to learn, collaborate and connect.


12:45  Welcome

13:00  Keynotes

14:00  Presentation SMO Promovendi research

14:30  Idea generation session

17:00  Research-based network event

The transition will happen through people. Meet them.

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