Entrepreneur! Does you business have a question we can solve?

You want to work on sustainability within your business. In this process you run into barriers. Read here in which cases The Green Mind can offer help.

You and you business want to work on sustainability, or you have already been working on sustainable innovation for some time.  You have overcome some barriers and solved questions but there is one question left. Only the answer to that question does not seem to exist.

For whom?

The Green Mind helps companies resolve questions regarding the new, circular and sustainable economy. We connect entrepreneurs with the leading scientists in our network. Together we develop new, sustainable business models.

We’ve done successful projects for both SMEs and multinationals. What binds these companies is a serious commitment to address innovative sustainability issues.

For what kind of questions can The Green Mind offer help?

An overview of our projects can be found on the Flagships page. In all our projects, three success factors can be found:

  1. Interdisciplinary: The Green Mind creates the link between scientists and industry. We can offer help where scientific knowledge from multiple disciplines is required. This often concerns innovative and pioneering questions.
  2. Collaboration: Issues related to Sustainability raise multidisciplinary, system-transcending questions. These can be solved best when stakeholders from different parts of a value chain work together. In orde to do so, we create coalitions between stakeholders from science, business and governmental organizations.
  3. Impact: Successful project are project that are focussed on making a practical change. We like to start applying the knowledge that is available.

The Green Mind acts as a matchmaker. For questions where scientific elements are less important the network of frontrunning  entrepreneurs, the Green Business Association can often offer help. Contact the the Green Business Association through info@degroenezaak.com or telephone 070-392 66 57.

The Green Mind is not a consultancy firm. We are not, for example, the best party to help you with a specific waste on-premise solution. We do offer help when it comes to integrated waste management issues, where  Circular purchasing, design and change in customer behavior should be taken into account.

More information?

Contact The Green Mind to discuss how we can offer help.

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